Virtual Counselor is a part of the district data warehouse with academic friendly features which allows parents and their children to see the student’s school records, from course grades to recent test scores to attendance records. It also keep parents update with their children’s progress at school on a daily basis without ever lifting the telephone.

Virtual Counselor helps parents to access grades, attendance records, test scores, class ranks, and much more. This is an urgent need of introducing and strengthens the virtual counseling services in schools in order to meet the diverse needs of students and parents.

Virtual Counselor helps students at all levels from elementary school to college. They act as advocates for the well being of students and as valuable resources for their advancement in schools. Virtual Counselors assist students to explore feelings and emotions that are often related their educational experiences. This allows students to reflect on what is happening to them and considers alternative ways of doing things.

The main purpose of virtual counselor is helping students to reach their maximum academic potential by providing guidance and support, especially when dealing with academic, personal and parental matters etc.

In addition, VC (Virtual Counselors) will assess the abilities and interests of students to help them develop realistic academic and career goals. They help students to make their own decisions with the framework of counseling.

Virtual Counselors:
• Listen student’s concerns about academic issues.
• Helping students to deal with their academic problems.
• Facilitating conflict between students and teachers.
• Improving parent and teachers relationship.
• Work on school boards to improve learning conditions.

Virtual Counselor Login:

The Virtual Counselor login allows students to take full control of their classrooms and learning experienced like never before. Students and parents are always not on the same track. This platform appeals for grades, assignment histories and progress are becoming more frequent as the year progresses.

To Login, Enter:
• Password
• Click ‘SUBMIT’ button.

virtual counselor login

After login, you will be taken to your virtual counselor data platform. At where you will get access to your school records, course grades to recent test scores, and attendance records etc.



Virtual Counselor Parent ID Help document


Broward Schools Virtual Counselor implement a student helping program based on the National Standards for School Counseling programs & American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model that encourage student’s academic achievements, personal growth, career awareness and positive personality.

Broward County Schools Virtual Counselors make sure every student gets a comprehensive guidance plan that promote and enhance academic achievements. Broward County School Virtual Counselors complete guidance plan which promotes permanent academic, career and personal development activities.

Broward County Schools Virtual Counselor’s Guidance Activities:


• Student’s individual counseling
• Classroom academic guidance
• Supporting students performance
• Preparing students for significant participation in the society.

Broward County Schools Virtual Counselors implement a program that meets the diverse needs of students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators. Credentialed Counselors (VC) at Broward County School, They make sure to provide friendly environment to staff, students and parents and ensuring students have full access to academic friendly environment really necessary for an academic and educational growth of a student.

Broward County Schools Virtual Counselor guidance based upon several services and programs which helps students to achieve higher success in their academic fields and personal skills. From Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12, School counselors help staff and parent to achieve competencies at every educational grade level. They also help students in getting prepared for creating test taking strategies and building up their GPA.

Virtual Counselors at Broward County Schools engaged with staff in order to provide academic support to students within fully friendly and educational environment ensuring student’s skills are being enhanced such as educational or academic skills, social skills and personal development skills etc. They also help students to understand the relations between personal qualities, educational coaching qualities by utilizing of career development platforms.


Virtual Counselor Teacher work together or collectively to identify and address the students concerns with the best available process. In order for trustees to make a difference in the lives of students, they must have access to them and the teacher is often the individual who can do it.

Teachers must share the class time with the virtual counselors. So that class room lessons on the development of academic, professional and personal/social skills can be provided. Teachers must allow students to leave the class room to meet the counselor individually on in small groups.

Teacher’s contribution is very important in student success and students my get most benefits when teachers and counselors work collectively. Virtual Counselor Teachers are charged with the delivery of comprehensive programs based on providing classroom instructions on the academic, career, and personal or social development needs of students.

Virtual Counselors may have the greatest impacts by working with teachers’ collectively to provide instructions to students that addresses school counseling standards.

Virtual Counselor teachers can work together to make the skills taught within the content area which are relevant to students interests. This will have the great impact on not only students learning ability but also in helping enhancing students’ efficiency.

Virtual Counselor Pinnacle:

Pinnacle is a different part of Virtual Counselor. This is also known as ”Pinnacle Gradebook‘ OR ‘The Pinnacle Internet Viewer‘. This Pinnacle Gradebook provides real-time data access to parents and students about the student’s availability in class, academic progress, and student’s performance dropped below from average by sending an email alerts.

To get access all of this real time statistics an apparent must have the student identification number and the student’s PIN code. Student identification number appears under the intermediate and final bulletins and a student appendix. If necessary, parents can request the student’s identification number from the child’s teacher. The PIN is the date of the student of birth.

You can view your grades on Virtual Counselor Pinnacle. Pinnacle Gradebook is real time data provide which is updated regularly throughout the weeks, months and years. It is also important that you keep track records of your grades at the end of the quarter.