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This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use of your personal data and information that you shared with us. We are committed for protecting visitor’s privacy.

Although, all of the information shared on our website is for informational purpose only. We neither use any personal information nor others information on our website. All salary’s data available on our website based on latest salary trends and may be vary with the time and changes.

About Your Information:
All the information you will shared on our website is completely safe and confidential. We do not share any of your personal identification information to others and you are not allowed to re-publish our content on any other website. All of the information available on our website has copy rights.

Cookies Policy:
We do not collect or store user’s IP address, location, browsing or posts suffering locations. But we can collect that such information our visitors when we needed. Generally, we don’t use any cookies bur we may use cookies to store information regarding our website’s visitors when needed.

All of the information available on our website is DMCA and copy escape protected.
Do not copy any part of the content available on our website without our permission.
We have rights to take any serious action against the content thieves.
By visiting our website, you must agree with our copyrights rules.

Ad Networks:
We may use Google ad network to display ads on our website based on your search interest. So, Google and other ad networks parties may use your cookies to store information related to your web searches. These ad networks use or store your cookies only to display ads on our website based on your interest and searches you. But if you don’t want let these ad networks to store your cookies then you can even block these ad networks.

Terms & Conditions:
We are not responsible for any of your damage or loss.
We have rights to update our privacy policy when necessary.
Content available on our site is only for informational purposes.
We will not be responsible to make correctness and completeness of information.
We’re trying our best to provide you correct and accurate information for which you are looking for.

By visiting our website you must agree with each point available on our privacy policy above.